Chapter 6: Finding Beauty and Emotion in the Dressing Room


In this chapter I discuss how to develop a comfortable relationship with people in the dressing room. It's important to know how to approach the bride's dressing room so that your clients trust you to capture great images while still respecting everyone's need for privacy. I also cover the equipment you'll need when shooting in a dressing room, dressing room etiquette, how to arrange the room, and how to create detail shots that capture the feeling of the day. The dressing room is where most of the behind-the-scenes action takes place in a swirl of activity around the bride. Without the images you capture for her, the bride would almost certainly not remember the events that occur during this hectic time.

For the average bride, getting married has been a lifelong dream. As the preparations start to come together and she finds herself in the dressing room, there comes a moment as the dress is held aloft by her mother and all of her most cherished friends, when she's suddenly struck by the overwhelming feeling that the day has arrived . . . it's really happening . . . and that's my dress! As the dress goes on, there is always a feeling in the air that this is truly a momentous occasion for these people. What a privilege it is as a photographer to be entrusted with capturing all that emotion and preserving it for them.

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