Chapter 14: Digital Workflow: Getting Images from Camera to Client


In your day-to-day business as a photographer you must develop an organized system that facilitates the flow from one task to the next as each job progresses from beginning to end. The term workflow refers to the sequence of steps you take when completing a job from start to finish. In theory, it might seem as if someone could simply jot down a workflow for you to follow and you would be ready to go. In reality, developing a workflow for your business is a process that evolves from your own unique preferences and the way you like to work. There are many variables and many different ways of accomplishing the same task. The technology involved is also constantly changing — which, of course, demands that you change right along with it. Developing the optimum workflow is a challenge you'll face every day when you work in the wedding photography business. In this chapter I give you an idea of the many options you can choose from when creating your own workflow.

Understanding Workflow

The world of photography is changing quickly. If you pay attention to these changes, you will almost certainly find new cameras, electronic products, software, digital retouching techniques, album companies, and ways to use the Internet. Any one of these facets has the potential to change your business enough that you have to throw your ...

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