Chapter 16: Creating the Finished Product


The digital age has created a multitude of products that you can offer to your wedding clients. The choices are so numerous that the job of researching the best offerings is a difficult and time-consuming task. In this chapter I look at the various ways you can deliver products to your clients, including online print sales, albums, image files on disc, slide shows, and more. The types of finished products you offer your clients determine how they experience the images. Do they look at albums, computer slide shows, DVDs, YouTube videos, or framed prints? Depending on how your business works, you may choose to offer all or none of these items. Some photographers only do the photography service, while others rely on the aftermarket products to generate a significant portion of the total sale. Many combine a selection of offerings into a package. Different packages with different combinations of items ensure that you have offerings that appeal to almost everyone, both in terms of budget and taste.

If you're starting out in the wedding photography business or considering the possibility of doing so, in this chapter I provide a quick overview of the various products you may want to offer to your clients. Along with each product is a discussion of how that product has traditionally been marketed and sold, as well as a look at where that type ...

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