Chapter 17: Cracking the Secret Code: Breaking into the Business


As a new photographer, there is no task that is more difficult or intimidating than taking those first few steps toward getting your business off the ground. Many good photographers simply can't manage to make things come together, so they eventually give up or find a permanent job working as an assistant or second shooter for someone else. What is it that separates these people from those who take the same skill set and make it fly? In some cases, some luck may be involved, such as stumbling into a first job or finding a mentor who lives next door. However, in most cases, the secret to success boils down to sheer determination. I've taught a few young people how to do wedding photography, and one thing that has become apparent to me is that no matter what skills I teach them, they won't take that experience and turn it into a business unless they really want it deep down inside. If a person lacks determination and desire, no amount of skill, help, or encouragement will cause him to succeed. But if he possesses determination and desire, no lack of skill, help, or encouragement can stop him from succeeding.

For those of you who have the drive, all you need next is a little bit of information about where to direct all that energy. Reading this book is a big step forward, as it will give you a lot of ideas about how ...

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