Appendix D

State-Space Eigenvector Calculation

The third and fourth coordinates of the state-space eigenvector of IPM-SM, was calculated in section

We now have to calculate the first two coordinates of the state-space equation system:

(D.1)    image

This system is calculated in section 3.2.5 (cf. equation (3.57)).

The state-space eigenvectors (cf. equation (3.76)) will be calculated from coefficients of the inverse of the matrix P (Appendix C):

(D.2)    image

The input matrix of state-space equations was calculated (cf. equation (3.72)) in section 3.3.2:

(D.3)    image

as well as the exponential function of the diagonal matrix D, multiplied by the sampling period T (cf. equation (3.69)):

(D.4)    image

Let us calculate the first coordinate of the state-space vector (D.2) in equation (D.1), written in the (d0, q0) reference frame:

(D.5)    image

For the second coordinate, we obtain, in the same way:

(D.6)    image

For the current ...

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