Chapter 3

Working with Different Direct Selling Models

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding Network Marketing

arrow Checking out Party Plan

arrow Zeroing in on the Hybrid model

For many years, there was a big distinction between the Network Marketing business model and the Party Plan business model. In recent years, the two models have started to come together, and in large part, that is where we get the term Hybrid. Companies take the best attributes of both models and bring them together in one company. I have also heard people refer to their company as a hybrid because of the type of compensation plan they have created. And many of the Network Marketing companies are becoming more product focused, whereas they used to focus almost exclusively on the business opportunity.

At the end of the day, what they all have in common is that direct sales is where the representative sells direct to the consumer or customer without the aid of a retail establishment.

There are many strong opinions about which model is best. So I felt it was important to just cover a bit more about the differences and who may be best suited to you — and along the way dispel some myths about direct selling in general.

The Network ...

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