Chapter 18

Managing Your Money Wisely

In This Chapter

arrow Obtaining spousal buy-in

arrow Paying yourself

arrow Avoiding some of the dangers of success

arrow Being smart about taxes

Four out of five representatives say they joined or are considering joining a direct sales company to make extra money. Even if you initially joined with other things in mind, like discounted or free product, a chance to earn a free trip, or the opportunity to make new friends and have some fun, every independent representative needs to learn some basics of how to handle the money. This chapter aims to convey some important money-management tips I’ve discovered, especially with regard to direct sales.

tip Whether you’re wildly successful and your direct sales business is bringing in more money than you could have ever dreamed possible, or you think you’re barely turning enough profit to cover filling up the gas tank, the tax benefits alone of managing and tracking your money properly make it worth learning more about tactics and ...

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