Chapter 21

Ten Mistakes to Avoid

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the most common mistakes direct sellers make

arrow Learning how to overcome common challenges

This chapter covers ten key mistakes that every direct seller should avoid in their business.

Not Starting with a Strong Line-up of Events

One of the biggest mistakes when starting your business is not having enough parties, launch events, or prospecting appointments scheduled on your calendar. Most companies recommend a certain amount of activity to really get your business going. Following the recommendation creates a strong start as well as momentum for your business.

During your first 30 days, I suggest starting with four to six parties or events. People who start with only a few parties on their calendar end up with no business or slow business. Without the momentum that comes with a solid launch schedule, it is common to feel unsuccessful or lose enthusiasm for your business.

warning Many people settle on doing two to three parties and convince themselves that somehow they will get the parties, sales, and recruits that they need. However, they don’t create the momentum they need to continue, because it is the bookings from those first ...

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