Chapter 23

Ten Benefits of Direct Sales

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out the benefits of owning and operating a direct sales business

arrow Discovering how you can create an income, develop personal growth, and work when you want

This chapter covers what I consider to be the top ten benefits of owning and operating a direct sales business.

Increase in Income

Whether your business is a way to supplement your income, replace a full-time salary, or enjoy financial freedom, your direct sales business can help you achieve your goals depending on the time and effort you put into your new business. You can choose to give yourself a pay raise at any time simply by increasing your efforts. Many people enjoy above-average earnings in this industry compared to many others.

It is also a business where your previous experience or education does not play a significant part in what you are able to earn or achieve.

People use their direct sales business to pay for things like the following:

  • Children’s sports teams and classes
  • Household expenses
  • Car or home insurance
  • Mortgage or rent
  • Debt and credit card payments
  • Vacations and other luxury items
  • Retirement

Your direct sales business gives you the opportunity to write your own paycheck.

Flexible Schedule

Direct sales works for you whether or not

  • You work ...

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