Chapter 4 The Secret to Lightning-Fast Growth

In some of the following chapters, you’ll learn a lot of the micro—specific techniques and actions to grow your business, step by step. In this chapter I want to discuss the macro—the big-picture strategy and principles that will allow you to grow in the fastest manner possible.

Motivation and positive thinking will carry a new distributor only so far. Unless she has a believable, logical plan for attaining her dreams, fear and procrastination will take over. And the same will hold true for you too. So the purpose of this chapter is twofold: to get you off to a fast start and to teach you how to work with your new distributors so they get the most traction early on as well. Let’s begin with…

The Mindset to Make It Happen

I already told you that you make or break your new distributors in their first two weeks, and the first 48 hours are critical. This likely holds true for you as well…

If you get into action quickly and get some small successes, you’re likely to stay around. If you spend your first few weeks “getting ready to get ready,” you’ll probably find yourself on a procrastination train and end up doing nothing until you eventually drop out.

If you spend that time scrolling through the company website, rewatching the recruiting video, and talking about what you’re going to do but never doing anything—the two weeks go by and nothing has really happened. Your excitement fades and your dream gets further away.

Now, if during ...

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