Initializing a Direct3D 11.1/11.2 device and swap chain

We now know how to create our device and swap chain, however, we do not yet have access to some of the features available in Direct3D 11.1 or 11.2 as we are only creating Direct3D 11 references.

In this recipe we will modify the previous example so that we are instead creating SharpDX.Direct3D11.Device1 and SharpDX.DXGI.SwapChain1 (natively these are ID3D11Device1 and IDXGISwapChain1, respectively) to access Direct3D 11.1 features, and SharpDX.Direct3D11.Device2, and SharpDX.DXGI.SwapChain2 (natively these are ID3D11Device2 and IDXGISwapChain2, respectively) to access the features of Direct3D 11.2.

Device1 allows, among others, the creation of blend states that utilize logical operations and ...

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