Disagreements, Disputes, and All-Out War

Book description

The potential for conflict exists in every interaction. But when one doesn’t know how to deal with these disagreements constructively, they can escalate into unproductive and even destructive situations. The key is not to avoid conflict, but to recognize and manage it skillfully to produce the best possible outcome. In this powerful and practical guide, author Gini Graham Scott shows readers how to identify the reason for the conflict, recognize and control the emotional factors, and find the best solution. Disagreements, Disputes, and All-Out War offers a simple but proven system for resolving conflicts resulting from: • poor communication and misunderstandings • different agendas, interests, and values • political power struggles • incorrect assumptions about others’ motives and actions • difficult people Written in an accessible, conversational style, packed with real-life examples, and including simple exercises and tools to help assess conflict situations, this indispensable guide shows readers how to handle whatever life throws at them.

Product information

  • Title: Disagreements, Disputes, and All-Out War
  • Author(s): Gini Graham Scott
  • Release date: November 2007
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814409749