Chapter 5. Compression

5.1. Television Listing

  • 8:00 PM 2 (IRS) Beverly Hills Model Patrol— New lip gloss introduced.
    • 5 (QUS) Cash Calliope: Musical Detective— Death with a Capital D-minor.
    • 9 (PVC) Northern Cops— Town council bans eccentrics at town meeting, but not for long.
    • 14 (TTV) Def N B— Beethoven raps for the Queen.
  • 9:00 PM 2 (IRS) Super Hero Bunch— Evil just keeps coming back for more.
    • 5 (QUS) Sniffmaster Spot— Spot discovers toxic waste at Acme Dog Food Plant.
    • 9 (PVC) Mom's a Klepto— Family stress as Mom plagiarizes daughter's English paper.
    • 14 (TTV) Easy Cheesy— Customer asks for Triple Anchovy pizza.
  • 10:00 PM 2 (IRS) X Knows Best— Alien stepdad shows love is not Earthbound.
    • 5 (QUS) Dum De Dum Dum— Detective Gump meets murdering ...

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