Chapter 11. Secret Broadcasts

11.1. Table Talk

Chris: I heard that Bobby got fired?
Leslie: Fired?
Pat: I heard he was let go because of a drop in sales.
Chris: Yes, the sales he's supposed to be making.
Leslie: But everyone's sales are down.
Pat: He said he was having a good quarter.
Chris: Good? His sales are down even more.
Leslie: Down more than what?
Pat: Maybe they're just down relative to last year, which was a good year for everyone.
Chris: I think they're down relative to everyone else'.
Leslie: Maybe it was something else. I heard he was drinking too much.
Pat: I heard because he couldn't take his boss's stupidity.
Chris: Actually, his boss is brilliant. Bobby's the problem.
Leslie: This doesn't add up.
Pat: Well, it does add up. ...

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