Chapter 14. Spreading

14.1. A New Job

We open with a shot of a fishing boat where a father and son work on tempting the fish with seductive offers of worms and minnows.

Father: It makes me happy to have my son come home from college and stay with us.
Son: Ah, quit it.
Father: No. Say something intelligent. I want to see what I got for my money.
Son: Quit it.
Father: No. Come on.
Son: The essential language of a text is confusion, distraction, misappropriation, and disguise. Only by deconstructing the textual signifiers, assessing and reassessing the semiotic signposts, and then reconstructing a coherent yet divergent vision can we truly begin to apprehend and perhaps even comprehend the limits of our literary media.

The son reels in his line ...

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