Chapter 15. Synthetic Worlds

15.1. Slam Dunks

The Play By Play Man and the Color Man work through a way of encoding messages in an athletic contest.

PBPM: Things are looking a bit difficult for the Montana Shot Shooters. They had a lead of 14 points at the halftime, but now the Idaho Passmakers have hit two three-point shots in a row. Whammo! They're back in the game. The Shot Shooters have called a time out to regroup.
CM: Putting six points on the board that way really sends a message. They made it look easy.
PBPM: Those two swishes announced, “We're still here. You can't beat us that easily. We've got pride, intestinal fortitude and pluck.” The emphasis is on pluck.
CM: And composure too. They whipped the ball around the key. They signaled, ...

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