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Discover Digital Libraries

Book Description

Discover Digital Libraries: Theory and Practice is a book that integrates both research and practice concerning digital library development, use, preservation, and evaluation. The combination of current research and practical guidelines is a unique strength of this book. The authors bring in-depth expertise on different digital library issues and synthesize theoretical and practical perspectives relevant to researchers, practitioners, and students.

The book presents a comprehensive overview of the different approaches and tools for digital library development, including discussions of the social and legal issues associated with digital libraries. Readers will find current research and the best practices of digital libraries, providing both US and international perspectives on the development of digital libraries and their components, including collection, digitization, metadata, interface design, sustainability, preservation, retrieval, and evaluation of digital libraries.

  • Offers an overview of digital libraries and the conceptual and practical understanding of digital libraries
  • Presents the lifecycle of digital library design, use, preservation and evaluation, including collection development, digitization of static and multimedia resources, metadata, digital library development and interface design, digital information searching, digital preservation, and digital library evaluation
  • Synthesizes current research and the best practices of digital libraries, providing both US and international perspectives on the development of digital libraries
  • Introduces new developments in the area of digital libraries, such as large-scale digital libraries, social media applications in digital libraries, multilingual digital libraries, digital curation, linked data, rapid capture, guidelines for the digitization of multimedia resources
  • Highlights the impact, challenges, suggestions for overcoming these challenges, and trends of present and future development of digital libraries Offers a comprehensive bibliography for each chapter

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. Biography
  6. Foreword
  7. Preface
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Chapter 1: Introduction to digital libraries
    1. Abstract
    2. Introduction
    3. Definitions and frameworks of digital libraries
    4. Evolution of digital libraries
  10. Chapter 2: Digital library collection development
    1. Abstract
    2. Collection development introduction
    3. Digital collection development policy
    4. Legal issues in collection development
    5. Collection sharing and large-scale digital libraries
    6. Challenges of collection development
  11. Chapter 3: Digitization of text and still images
    1. Abstract
    2. Introduction to digitization
    3. Rationale and strategies for undertaking digitization
    4. Digitization process
    5. Digitization of textual and static visual resources
    6. Rapid digitization
  12. Chapter 4: Digitization of audio and moving image collections
    1. Abstract
    2. Introduction to digitization of audiovisual resources
    3. State of audio and moving image collections
    4. Audio digitization
    5. Moving image digitization
  13. Chapter 5: Metadata
    1. Abstract
    2. Metadata overview
    3. Metadata schemas
    4. Designing and implementing metadata
    5. User tagging
    6. Linked data
  14. Chapter 6: Digital library management systems
    1. Abstract
    2. Introduction
    3. Design and architecture of digital library systems
    4. Current landscape of DLMS
  15. Chapter 7: Interface design and evaluation
    1. Abstract
    2. Foundations for interface design and design principles
    3. Iterative design
    4. Design and customization of user interface
    5. Usability testing
    6. Help design
    7. Interface design for people with disabilities
  16. Chapter 8: User needs and search behaviors
    1. Abstract
    2. Types of users and their use of digital libraries
    3. Characteristics of information search behaviors
    4. User involvement and system support
    5. Factors affecting digital library use
  17. Chapter 9: Digital preservation
    1. Abstract
    2. Introduction
    3. Defining digital preservation
    4. Preserving digital content
    5. Digital preservation in digital library practice
    6. Digital preservation technology: standards and repositories
  18. Chapter 10: Evaluation of digital libraries
    1. Abstract
    2. The need for digital library evaluation
    3. Evaluation frameworks
    4. Evaluation methods
    5. Evaluation objectives and phases
    6. Evaluation dimensions and their importance
    7. Evaluation criteria and their importance
    8. Evaluation measurements
    9. Factors hindering digital library evaluation
    10. Evaluation challenges
  19. Chapter 11: New developments and challenges
    1. Abstract
    2. Social media applications and the impact on digital libraries
    3. Large-scale digital libraries
    4. Multilingual digital libraries
    5. Digital/data curation
    6. Challenges and problems of digital libraries
  20. Appendix A: Digitization guides, standards, and best practices
  21. Appendix B: Examples of metadata schemas reviewed in Chapter 5
  22. Subject Index