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Discovering JMP 10

Book Description

Discovering JMP for JMP 10 provides a basic introduction to using JMP. For new users of JMP, this is a great place to start. This book also includes initial instructions on working with your data, visualizing your data, analyzing your data, and saving and sharing your work

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Gallery of JMP Graphs
  6. About This Guide
  7. Introducing JMP
    1. Concepts That You Should Know
    2. How Do I Get Started?
      1. Starting JMP
      2. Using Sample Data
    3. Understanding Data Tables
    4. Understanding the JMP Workflow
      1. Step 1: Launching a Platform and Viewing Results
      2. Step 2: Removing the Box Plot
      3. Step 3: Requesting Additional Output
      4. Step 4: Interacting with Platform Results
    5. How is JMP Different from Excel?
      1. Formulas
      2. Columns Names
      3. Tables and Worksheets
      4. The Data Grid
      5. Analysis and Graph Reports
    6. How Do I Find Help?
  8. Working with Your Data
    1. Getting Your Data into JMP
      1. Copying and Pasting Data
      2. Importing Data
      3. Entering Data
    2. Working with Data Tables
      1. Editing Data
      2. Selecting, Deselecting, and Finding Values
      3. Viewing or Changing Column Information
      4. Calculating Values with Formulas
      5. Filtering Data
    3. Managing Data
      1. Requesting Summary Statistics
      2. Creating Subsets
      3. Joining Data Tables
      4. Sorting Tables
  9. Visualizing Your Data
    1. Looking at Single Variables
      1. Histograms
      2. Bar Charts
    2. Comparing Multiple Variables
      1. Scatterplots
      2. Scatterplot Matrix
      3. Side-by-Side Box Plots
      4. Overlay Plots
      5. Variability Chart
      6. Graph Builder
      7. Bubble Plots
  10. Analyzing Your Data
    1. About This Chapter
    2. The Importance of Graphing Your Data
    3. Understanding Modeling Types
      1. Example: Modeling Type Results
      2. Changing the Modeling Type
    4. Analyzing Distributions
      1. Distributions of Continuous Variables
      2. Distributions of Categorical Variables
    5. Analyzing Relationships
      1. Using Regression with One Predictor
      2. Comparing Averages for One Variable
      3. Comparing Proportions
      4. Comparing Averages for Multiple Variables
      5. Using Regression with Multiple Predictors
  11. Saving and Sharing Your Work
    1. Saving Platform Results in Journals
      1. Example: Creating a Journal
      2. Adding Additional Analyses
    2. Creating Projects
    3. Using Scripts
      1. Example: Saving and Running a Script
      2. About Scripts and JSL
    4. Creating Adobe Flash Versions of the Profiler and Bubble Plot
      1. Example: Saving an Adobe Flash Version of a Bubble Plot
  12. Special Features
    1. Automatically Updating Analyses and Graphs
      1. Example: Using Automatic Recalc
    2. Changing Preferences
      1. Example: Changing Preferences
    3. Integrating JMP and SAS
      1. Example: Creating SAS Code
      2. Example: Submitting SAS Code
  13. Index