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Dismissing an Employee: Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges

Book Description

While no one likes to be the bearer of bad news, managers are sometimes faced with the difficult task of having to dismiss an employee. In this book, you'll learn how to effectively manage a dismissal--including making key decisions before, during, and after the critical event. Handled skillfully, dismissing an employee can set your team--and your company--on a positive new path.

Table of Contents

  1. Pocket Mentor Series
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Mentors′ Message: Handling a Dismissal Skillfully
  6. A Difficult - Moment
    1. Why learn about dismissals?
    2. Defining the term
    3. A note about dismissal terminology
  7. A Closer Look at - Dismissals
    1. When do dismissals occur?
    2. What emotions are associated with dismissals?
    3. What are the legal implications of dismissals?
    4. How effectively do dismissals solve the problem?
  8. Taking Care of Yourself During a Dismissal
    1. Acknowledging the emotional impact
    2. Acknowledging the uncertainty
    3. Managing yourself
  9. Understanding the Grounds for a Dismissal
    1. When you can dismiss an employee immediately
    2. When to proceed with documentation
    3. When you cannot dismiss an employee
    4. A special note about discrimination
    5. Familiarizing yourself with company procedures
  10. Making the Decision
    1. Proceeding with caution
    2. Exploring alternatives to dismissals
    3. Selecting alternatives
  11. Handling a Dismissal Professionally
    1. Preparing for a dismissal meeting
    2. When to schedule the meeting
    3. Where to hold the meeting
    4. How to handle the meeting
    5. What to say—and not say—during the meeting
    6. Learning from the dismissal meeting
  12. Handling the Legal Details After a Dismissal
    1. Reviewing the employment contract
    2. Documenting the terms of the dismissal
    3. Avoiding damage to the person′s reputation
  13. Leading Your Team After a Dismissal
    1. Communicating the dismissal
    2. Redistributing work
  14. Learning from a Dismissal
    1. Furthering your personal and professional growth
    2. Gaining a broader view
    3. Identifying ways to improve
    4. Preserving your organization′s integrity
  15. Tips and Tools
    1. Tools for Dismissing an Employee
    2. Test Yourself
      1. Answers to test questions
    3. Frequently Asked Questions
      1. What documentation am I required to give the dismissed employee?
      2. If I have to dismiss someone, can I get someone else to deliver the news, or can I do it by e-mail?
      3. Should I explain the rationale behind a dismissal?
      4. After dismissing someone, how quickly should I focus that person’s attention on the future?
      5. With a dismissal, should I usher people out immediately after their exit interview, or should I give them time to say goodbye to coworkers?
      6. What should I do about e-mail and phone messages for employees who have been dismissed?
      7. It seems that managers can’t say anything anymore without risking a lawsuit. What can I legally say during a dismissal meeting without prompting legal repercussions from the affected employee?
    4. Key Terms
  16. To Learn More
  17. Sources for Dimissing an Employee
  18. How to Order