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Display Advertising: An Hour a Day

Book Description

A complete guide to developing, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing an online display ad campaign

The display business is online advertising's fastest growing field. Google and others are starting to provide easy tools to enable small- and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of this opportunity. This guide provides marketers, consultants, and small-business owners with the knowledge and skills to create and optimize a display advertising campaign. It covers concepts, trends, and best practices, and presents a day-to-day plan for developing, managing, and measuring a successful campaign.

  • Online display advertising is a hot topic, and this hands-on guide helps marketing professionals and small-business owners gain the skills to create and manage their own campaigns

  • Provides an overview of display advertising concepts, including types, formats, and how they're placed on websites

  • Explains how to plan a campaign, including defining goals and planning resources, contextual and placement targeting, and keyword use

  • Covers campaign launch and measurement, ad creation, social media advertising, how to optimize a campaign, and much more

Display Advertising: An Hour a Day helps anyone promote a business successfully with effective online display ad campaigns.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Display Advertising: An Hour A Day
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Authors
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
    1. Keep Up-to-Date: The Companion Site
    2. How to Contact the Authors
  7. Chapter 1: Online Advertising
    1. An Overview of Search Engine Marketing
    2. Search Advertising vs. Display Advertising
    3. Problem Solving and Distraction
  8. Chapter 2: Overview of Display Advertising
    1. The Display Advertising Landscape
    2. Identifying Display Ad Types and Formats
    3. Defining Advertising Objectives
  9. Chapter 3: Fundamental Display Advertising Concepts
    1. The Ecosystem: Advertisers and Publishers
    2. Starting Out with the Google Network
    3. Campaign Targeting Strategies
    4. The Big Picture: The Process of Display Advertising
  10. Chapter 4: Month 1: Planning Your Campaigns
    1. Week 1: Define Your Display Advertising Goals
    2. Week 2: Showcase What You Do Best
    3. Week 3: Take Stock of Your Resources
    4. Week 4: Plan Your Budget
  11. Chapter 5: Month 2: Targeting Your Audience
    1. Week 5: Understand Targeting Options
    2. Week 6: Find Good Keywords
    3. Week 7: Find Good Placements
    4. Week 8: Organize Campaigns and Ad Groups
  12. Chapter 6: Month 3: Building Your First Display Campaign
    1. Week 9: Choose Your Display Campaign Settings
    2. Week 10: Choose Your Bidding Style and Budget
    3. Week 11: Configure Advanced Campaign Settings
    4. Week 12: Create Your First Ad Group
  13. Chapter 7: Month 4: Creating Image Ads
    1. Week 13: Study the Science behind Great Image Ads
    2. Week 14: Understand the Rules
    3. Week 15: Dig Deeper on Image Ads
    4. Week 16: Build Ads with Display Ad Builder
  14. Chapter 8: Month 5: Video Ads
    1. Week 17: Understand AdWords Video Ads
    2. Week 18: Create Video Ads
    3. Week 19: Advertise on YouTube
    4. Week 20: Advertise on Television with AdWords
  15. Chapter 9: Month 6: Launch and Measure Your Campaign’s Performance
    1. Week 21: Launch the Campaign
    2. Week 22: Use AdWords Reports
    3. Week 23: Use Google Analytics
    4. Week 24: Measure Branding and Positioning Goals
  16. Chapter 10: Month 7: Optimizing the Performance of Your Campaigns
    1. Week 25: Refine Your Campaigns and Ad Groups
    2. Week 26: Expand Your Reach
    3. Week 27: Test Your Ads
    4. Week 28: Create Effective Landing Pages
  17. Chapter 11: Month 8: Advanced Topics
    1. Week 29: Retarget and Remarket
    2. Week 30: Learn Tools for Testing Landing Pages
    3. Week 31: Go beyond Clickstream Analytics
    4. Week 32: Target Topics
  18. Chapter 12: Month 9: Using LinkedIn and Facebook Display Ads
    1. Week 33: Advertise on LinkedIn
    2. Week 34: Launch and Measure LinkedIn Campaigns
    3. Week 35: Advertise on Facebook
    4. Week 36: Launch and Measure Facebook Campaigns
  19. Glossary
  20. Index
  21. Advertisement