Aberrations, 7778

Absolute optical systems, 64

AC-powered side discharge scheme, 270

Accommodation, 92, 113115

Acoustic pulse recognition, 230

Active matrix displays, 220223

Active matrix driven OLED (AMOLED), 273

Active Motion Rate (AMR), 187

Active stereo-channel separation, 359361

Actuality Systems’ PerspectaSpatial 3-D Display, 386

Adaptive deinterlacing approach, 212

Adaptive displays, 474, 475

Adaptive holographic displays, 404410

Adaptive lenticular display principle, 380

Adaptive light field display approach, 395396

adaptive autostereoscopic displays, 397

diffractive beam forming, 399

electrowetting prisms and other approaches, 399

lenticular mirror projection display assembly, 399

precision demands, 398

A/D conversion, ...

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