Hacker Culture

Hacking Celebrities

The Hack Dissected

Bob turned to Leon. A smile spread across his face as the enormity of the story he had just told sunk in. “Dude, do you know what we just did? We just saved the United States! That’s bigger than saving the Internet! That means we’re bigger than Dan Kaminsky! Or Tony Watson!”

Leon looked exasperated. “Bob, we aren’t even up there with GOBBLES. Or n3td3v for that matter.”

Bob’s shoulders dropped a little and he asked almost plaintively, “Well then won’t we at least get an interview with Stephen Colbert?”

“Sorry, Dude, I wouldn’t be expecting a call even from Letterman,” Leon responded with a satisfied smile as things got back to normal. (p. 125)

As the story draws to a close, our heroes ...

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