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Diving Deeper into C++ Templates

Video Description

Templates form the foundation of modern C++ programming; they must be understood, not only to use the Standard Library, but to take advantage of many of the features found in C++11 and C++14. By offering a detailed look at how to create and use template functions and classes in your C++ code, this course goes beyond the basics, and is intended for the intermediate level programmer.

Topics covered include: non-type and default parameters, overloading and specialization, the use of template template parameters, explicit instantiation and inheritance, generic programming, type traits, and policy-based design. Learners completing this course will have the knowledge required to produce robust, practical, and modern C++ code.

  • Understand how to create and use template functions in your C++ code
  • Learn to use modern techniques; such as type traits, and policy-based programming
  • Discover how generic programming differs from OO programming
  • Gain a fundamental awareness of the importance of templates in modern C++ code
Julian Templeman runs the London UK based consulting company Templeman Consulting. He has worked in software development for 40 years, written code in over 20 languages, and has worked with C++ for over 20 years. A professional consultant, trainer, and writer, Julian has authored multiple programming books and videos, including the O'Reilly title "Practical Scala for Java Developers".