Chapter 2

Understanding How Super Works

In This Chapter

arrow Taking four super facts seriously

arrow Knowing what makes a super fund tick

arrow Considering all of your super options

arrow Sizing up your current super fund, and your super entitlements

arrow Figuring out the fees your super fund charges

arrow Deciding whether to change super funds

U nless you own a goose that lays golden eggs, you need to create your own nest egg for your retirement. Like most Australians, you probably hope you’re going to have a good-sized egg, because you want your later years to be free from financial worries.

Your challenge, as a future retiree, is to create the most comfortable retirement that you can afford. The dilemma, however, when thinking about saving for retirement is whether to rely on the Age Pension, or to accumulate superannuation or private savings, or a combination of all of them. For the record, the Age Pension is ...

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