Chapter 3

How Much Super Is Enough?

In This Chapter

arrow Seeking a comfortable lifestyle in retirement

arrow Wanting more than $42,000 (or $58,000 for a couple) a year

arrow Planning for your life expectancy

arrow Assuming an investment return for the long-term

T he most popular question about superannuation and retirement planning is, without doubt: ‘How much money is enough?’

A glib response to this question may be: ‘Enough money for what?’ From the many times, though, that I’ve been asked this question, I know that when most Australians ask it, they really want to discover the answer to: ‘How much money do I need to maintain (or improve) the lifestyle I currently have until the day I die?’ For some Australians, the question also includes: ‘And to leave enough money to help my family after I’ve gone.’

Your own answer to this question depends on four main factors:

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