Chapter 14

Exploring the World of Super Investing

In This Chapter

arrow Dissecting the Global Financial Crisis in Australia

arrow Loving your strengths and tolerating your limitations

arrow Fully understanding the risk and return relationship of investing

arrow Comparing the different asset classes

arrow Deciding whether to use managed funds, and/or wraps

I nvesting your self-managed super fund (SMSF) savings is the serious end of your retirement planning. Deciding where, and what, you’re going to invest in can be exhilarating, hair-raising, mundane, depressing and deeply satisfying — all at the same time!

When investing for the long term you need to keep one eye on what’s happening today, and one eye on the future — and I mean both the long-term and medium-term future. The economic malaise that hits the investment markets during a market downturn eventually passes, and a robust investment portfolio needs to survive to thrive another day.

In this chapter, I provide a snapshot of one of the worst-case scenarios ...

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