Chapter 22

Making Contributions while Taking a Pension

In This Chapter

arrow Grasping the contribution opportunities in retirement

arrow Running a SMSF in two phases

arrow Consolidating accounts means restarting pensions

arrow Taking a TRIP and salary sacrificing can mean more super and less tax

T he idea of working full-time one day, and retiring from the workforce the following day, is a popular concept but reflects a historic trend rather than the current reality. Although virtually all Australians do eventually retire fully from the workforce, the growing trend is for Australians to continue working in some form for the first five to ten years of their retirement.

The event or process known as ‘retirement’ takes many forms — the lines have become blurred between the younger retired and the older workforce, with many Australians choosing to downshift and work fewer hours as they transition into retirement. Other Australians exit the workforce permanently but then return to employment in a part-time capacity, or on an ad hoc basis to supplement their retirement savings or simply for the stimulation ...

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