Chapter 25

Ten Special Features of DIY Super

In This Chapter

arrow Joining the largest super group in Australia

arrow Making your SMSF work for you

arrow Understanding that a super fund is a structure with enticing tax incentives

arrow Using your SMSF for your family’s retirement planning, and estate planning

arrow Returning a tax bonus to your loved ones after you’re gone

I f you’re been reading through this book, you already know about the main advantages of superannuation, such as tax-free super for over-60s, concessional tax treatment of super fund earnings and the marvels of compound earnings.

Choosing a self-managed super fund (SMSF) — rather than opting for one of the larger super funds — probably means that one or more of the ten special features of DIY super, explained in this chapter, has grabbed your attention.

Becoming a Member of a Fast-Growing Club

Without doubt, the rise of DIY super is the biggest story in super after the introduction of tax-free super for over-60s in 2007 (refer to Chapter 13 ...

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