all user favorites, 76–77

first favorite from model, 70–71

specific user, 72–73

specific user’s favorite, 74–75

Application programming interface (API)

connecting Django applications to, 16

Linux systems, 5


connecting view to model, 63–64

creating favorites, 45

Django. See Django applications

login. See Login application

multi-page. See multi-page applications

for multi-page application, 84–85

Authorization, setting up database, 21


Base template

changing, 133–135

creating, 128, 185–186

defined, 115–116

inheriting, 129–132

user template inheriting, 131–132


changing base template, 133–134

creating base template, 128, 185–186

extending base template, 187–189

inheriting base template, 129–131

Bindings, ...

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