Do Business Better

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Build your best life by forging your own path to business success

After speaking to companies such as Merck, Land O'Lakes, and Cargill, and to over 2000 audiences across the world, Damian Mason, successful businessman, agriculturalist, podcaster, and writer, wants to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals and live a better life. While other business books claim to tell you how to reach success, they fall short because they don’t address the fact that success is different for each of us. Do Business Better helps you define success on your terms, then shows you how to achieve it.

You’ll learn the Four Unwavering Traits of Entrepreneurial Success and how to discover the differences between routines and habits, then implement your changes through meaningful actions that create permanent improvement. Along the way, you’ll learn from real-world examples and relatable stories, and discover a wealth of applicable advice on starting, managing, and growing your own enterprise.

  • Discover your best life, then build a path to achieve it
  • Learn how other entrepreneurs have adapted their lives to achieve their goals
  • Find out what’s really standing between you and your dreams
  • Rid yourself of ineffective thinking patterns and develop habits that actually help you

Do Business Better is the go-to guide for business people, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed looking to jumpstart their journey and build their dreams into reality. If your goal is prosperity, longevity, and a life and business on your terms, this book is for you.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Foreword
  3. Introduction
    1. I Get You
    2. Let's Talk About You
    3. Trying versus Doing
    4. Invest a Couple Hours, Then Do It!
  4. 1 Success Defined. By You.
    1. Success Is Different for Everyone
    2. Your Evolving View of Success
    3. “I Just Want to Be Happy!”
    4. To Help You Out, Here's My Definition of Success
  5. 2 Get Better
    1. I Didn't Say Get Perfect
    2. Lack of Perfection Doesn't Mean Lack of Performance
  6. 1 Traits
    1. 3 Four Unwavering Traits of Entrepreneurial Success
      1. Good News, Bad News
      2. It's Who You Are
    2. 4 Risk Tolerance
      1. Rose‐Colored Lenses
      2. There Has Always Been Risk
      3. Can You Stomach the Risk?
      4. How to Minimize Risk
      5. Taking Risk Off the Table
      6. What About Backup Plans?
      7. Don't Sweat It
    3. 5 Drive
      1. Potential to Do What?
      2. Drive Equals Discipline
      3. Teaching a Work Ethic
      4. Activity versus Productivity
      5. Wake‐Up Time Is Meaningless
      6. Hours Don't Equal Output
      7. Working Smart versus Working Hard
      8. Doing What You're Good At
      9. Drive Means Working on Your Weaknesses
      10. The Talent Myth
    4. 6 Resilience
      1. There Will Be Bad Days
      2. Rocky
      3. Michael Jordan
      4. Can You Learn Resilience?
      5. How You Can Strengthen Your Resolve
      6. The Wrap on Resilience
    5. 7 Vision
      1. The Farm
      2. Partners with Vision
      3. What Vision Is
      4. Your Purple Wall
      5. Why You Need Vision
      6. The Big Picture. Most People Don't See It!
      7. The Big Picture: A Lesson from Comedy
      8. How to Improve Your Vision
      9. Your Big Picture
  7. 2 Habits
    1. 8 Success Is a Habit, But It's Not a Routine
      1. Habit versus Routine
      2. Cumulative Effects of Habits
      3. Make Yourself Uncomfortable!
      4. The Success Habits
    2. 9 Pull the Trigger
      1. Paralysis by Analysis
      2. No Decision Is a Decision
    3. 10 Treat Time Like Money
      1. 525,600 Minutes
      2. Time Is Money
      3. Downtime versus Wasting Time
      4. The Five E's
      5. It's Your Time
    4. 11 Be a Goal Setter
      1. The Problem with Business Plans
      2. Mission Statements Are Even Worse
      3. Mission Statement Equals Corporate Poetry
      4. Just Do It!
      5. Goals: What Are They?
      6. How to Set Goals
      7. Vision: Your Fourth Category
      8. Your Goals Are Set. Now What?
    5. 12 Be Relevant
      1. Relevance Equals Demand
      2. Changing Marketplace
      3. When You See Realtors, Do You See You?
      4. Know What You Sell
      5. The Reality of Realtor Negotiations
      6. Bringing It Home
    6. 13 Be Critical
      1. You Can't Handle the Truth!
      2. Breaking Down Tape
    7. 14 Be a Promoter
      1. Advertising 101
      2. Business Is Good; Why Advertise?
      3. Your Branding Goal
    8. 15 Sell, Sell, Sell!
      1. Sales Equals Revenue
      2. A Few Things I've Learned About Sales
      3. What Selling Is
      4. Ten Rules to Sales Success
      5. The Price Is Right
      6. But I'm an Idea Person!
      7. Selling Equals Responsiveness
      8. Sales Wisdom
      9. Final Sales Pitch
    9. 16 Know Your Position
      1. Chess
      2. Getting Cocky
      3. What's Your Position?
      4. How to Improve Your Position
    10. 17 Stop Making Excuses
      1. Scarcity as an Excuse
    11. 18 Know Money (Or You'll Have No Money)
      1. The Money Reality Check
      2. Let's Talk About Money
      3. Start at Home
      4. Balance Sheet
      5. How Much Is Really Required?
      6. Know Money: Part 2
      7. Borrowing Money
      8. Your Business Is Rolling. Now What?
      9. Wealth Is a Habit
  8. 3 Actions
    1. 19 It's All About You
    2. 20 Get Past What's Holding You Back
      1. What Is Holding You Back?
      2. How to Get Past What's Holding You Back
      3. Two Kinds of People
    3. 21 Your Business Personality
      1. The Five P's
      2. Biz Personality Test
    4. 22 Exploiting Your Talent Stack
      1. The Talent Stack Concept by Scott Adams
      2. Synergy of the Stack
      3. Intentional Congruence
      4. You'll Use Everything You've Ever Learned
      5. Your Talent Stack Is Your Toolbox
    5. 23 Manage Your Emotions
      1. Let's Talk About Emotions
      2. The Emotional Impediment
      3. Big Girls Do Cry
      4. Manage Your Emotions
      5. Facts Don't Matter
      6. An Emotional Audit
    6. 24 You Are Not an Island
      1. You Need Backup!
      2. What Is Support?
      3. What Support Isn't
      4. Who's in Your Corner?
  9. Do Business Better
    1. Three Conversations
    2. Success Is Simple, Not Easy
    3. The Recap
    4. Do Business Better
  10. Life and Business by Choice
  11. About the Author
  12. Index
  13. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Do Business Better
  • Author(s): Damian Mason, Larry Winget
  • Release date: April 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119566281