Do It Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules

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"What's the one thing companies care about? Conversion. Getting potential customers to convert into real, actual, customers. But how do you do that in a world of Facebook, Google, YouTube, blogs, and Flickr? Mike Moran shows you how—by trying lots of little things, studying the results, learning quickly from your failures, and doing it all over again. He gives you a framework for getting over your fears of talking with your customers without a committee to protect your behind. Great book."

–Robert Scoble
Video blogger of the Scoble Show and Co-author of the top-selling corporate blogging book, Naked Conversations

Start Fast, Fix Fast, and Fix Again: Marketing for Breakthrough Results

For decades, marketers have been taught to carefully plan ahead because “you must get it right–it’s too expensive to change.” But, in the age of the Web, you can know in hours whether your strategy’s working. Today, winners don’t get it right the first time: they start fast, change fast, and relentlessly optimize their way to success. They do it wrong quickly…then fix it, just as quickly!

In this book, Internet marketing pioneer Mike Moran shows you how to do that–step-by-step and in detail. Drawing on his experience building into one of the world’s most successful sites, Moran shows how to quickly transition from “plan then execute” to a non-stop cycle of refinement.

You’ll master specific techniques for making the Web’s “two-way marketing conversation” work successfully, productively, and profitably. Next, Moran shows how to choose the right new marketing tools, craft them into an integrated strategy, and execute it…achieving unprecedented efficiency, accountability, speed, and results.

  • The indispensable online marketing guide for every CMO, brand marketer, direct marketer, online marketing specialist, strategist, and entrepreneur

  • Learn more from your customers–and learn it faster

  • Systematically measure online marketing results–and improve them

  • Create deeper relationships with your customers on the Web

  • Leverage podcasting, social networks, wikis, virtual worlds, search, viral marketing, blogs, and other new tools

  • Build a lean, mean conversion machine

  • Preview new innovations you’ll be implementing next year and the year after

  • Overcome the organizational, political, and personal obstacles that keep marketers doing things the “old-fashioned” way

  • Foreward xv

    Preface xvii

    Acknowledgements xxiii

    About the Author xxvii

    Part 1: That Newfangled Marketing 1

    Chapter 1: They’re Doing Wonderful Things with Computers 3

    Chapter 2: New Wine in Old Bottles 21

    Chapter 3: Marketing Is a Conversation 55

    Part 2: That Newfangled Direct Marketing 103

    Chapter 4: Going Over to the Dark Side 105

    Chapter 5: The New Customer Relations 149

    Chapter 6: Customers Vote with Their Mice 211          

    Part 3: That Newfangled You 253

    Chapter 7: This Doesn’t Work for Me 255

    Chapter 8: This Won’t Work Where I Work 275

    Chapter 9: This Stuff Changes Too Fast 315


    Glossary 335
    Index 365

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedication
    2. Praise for Do It Wrong Quickly
    3. Foreword
      1. About Geoffrey Ramsey
    4. Preface
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Author
    7. 1. That Newfangled Marketing
      1. 1. They’re Doing Wonderful Things with Computers
        1. The New Marketing Communication
        2. The New Marketing Segmentation
        3. The New Direct Marketing
        4. Summary
      2. 2. New Wine in Old Bottles
        1. The “Three Rs” of Online Marketing
          1. You Must Be Relevant
          2. You Must Be Real
          3. You Must Be Responsive
        2. The New Marketing Is Not So New
          1. Advertising
          2. Direct Marketing
          3. Publicity
        3. Summary
      3. 3. Marketing Is a Conversation
        1. Starting the Conversation
          1. When Your Customer Starts the Conversation
          2. When Marketers Start the Conversation
          3. How Not to Start a Conversation
        2. Learning to Listen
          1. Listening in Daily Life
          2. Listening in a Crisis
          3. Listening in a War
        3. Getting Introduced to Others
          1. Introductions by Your Customers
          2. Introductions by Your Employees
          3. Introductions by Your Partners
        4. Summary
    8. 2. That Newfangled Direct Marketing
      1. 4. Going Over to the Dark Side
        1. Find Your Purpose
          1. Your Web Site’s Purpose
          2. Your Customer’s Purpose
          3. A Common Purpose
        2. Measure Your Customer Activity
          1. Count Your Conversions
          2. The Conversion Process
          3. Count Your Impressions and Selections
        3. Measure Your Customer Relationships
        4. Summary
      2. 5. The New Customer Relations
        1. The Look and Feel
          1. The Design
          2. The Navigation
          3. The Interactivity
        2. The Sights and Sounds
          1. The Words
          2. The Sounds
          3. The Pictures
        3. The Touch
          1. Deciding Which Customers to Target
          2. Getting to Know Your Customers
          3. Designing Your Experience for Each Customer
        4. Summary
      3. 6. Customers Vote with Their Mice
        1. Where Do You Start?
        2. How Do You Know How Wrong It Is?
          1. How to Value Conversions
          2. How to Value Customers
          3. Test, Test, and Test Again
        3. How Do You Speed Up?
          1. Speed Up Your Targeting
          2. Speed Up Your Messaging
          3. Speed Up Your Feedback
        4. Summary
    9. 3. That Newfangled You
      1. 7. This Doesn’t Work for Me
        1. The Reasons Why Not
          1. “That’s not my job.”
          2. “I don’t have permission.”
          3. “No one will listen to me.”
          4. “I don’t have time.”
          5. “I’m no numbers person.”
          6. “I’ve never been fast at decisions—it’s too much pressure.”
          7. “We tried that already.”
          8. “I can’t stand being wrong.”
          9. “It feels too overwhelming.”
        2. Fear
        3. Change
        4. Summary
      2. 8. This Won’t Work Where I Work
        1. Leading People to Change
          1. Rally Your Allies
          2. Pick Your Target
          3. Declare Success
        2. Specialist Disease
          1. Put the Business First
          2. Speak Their Language
          3. Bring the Specialists Together
        3. Personality Parade
          1. The Inattentive
          2. The Indecisive
          3. The Inept
        4. Summary
      3. 9. This Stuff Changes Too Fast
        1. How Do You Cope with Change?
        2. What’s Changing?
          1. More Participation
          2. More Context
          3. More Integration
        3. How Do You Keep Up?
        4. Summary
    10. Glossary

    Product information

    • Title: Do It Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules
    • Author(s): Mike Moran
    • Release date: September 2007
    • Publisher(s): IBM Press
    • ISBN: 9780132255967