Chapter 5Commit

Illustration of an action plan called SONIC that stands for  Serve, Open (Up), Nurture, Inspire, and Commit, with the "Commit" option highlighted.

There's no turning back to old habits or old ways. You are now forging new habits and new ways.

There is a legend told of Captain Hernán Cortés, who in 1519 had landed in Veracruz with his 500 soldiers and 100 sailors on 11 ships. They were there to conquer an army much bigger than theirs that was holding on to the world's greatest treasures. These riches contained gold, silver, jewels, and artifacts that had been held by this army for 600 years. Everyone knew about this treasure, and army after army had tried to take it unsuccessfully.

Some of Cortés's men were not convinced that they would be successful and tried to seize ships and go to Cuba. To ensure that there were no other opportunities to retreat and that his men were completely invested and committed to the conquest and treasure, Cortés told them to sink and destroy all of their ships. His men resisted, wondering how they would get back home. He told them, “When we go home, we are going home on their ships!” There was no turning back; they either conquered, or they died. They conquered. In 600 years, no one else was able to do what they had done. But no one else had taken the measures to commit as Cortés and his army had.

Commitment to Becoming a Care to Lead Leader

In order for you to become a Care to Lead Leader you have to completely commit. This fifth part of the formula is poured and mixed ...

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