Writing a Dockerfile for NerdDinner

I'll follow the multi-stage build approach for NerdDinner, so the Dockerfile for the dockeronwindows/ch-02-nerd-dinner images starts with a builder stage:

# escape=`FROM sixeyed/msbuild:netfx-4.5.2-webdeploy-10.0.14393.1198 AS builderWORKDIR C:\src\NerdDinnerCOPY src\NerdDinner\packages.config .RUN nuget restore packages.config -PackagesDirectory ..\packagesCOPY src C:\srcRUN msbuild .\NerdDinner\NerdDinner.csproj /p:OutputPath=c:\out\NerdDinner `            /p:DeployOnBuild=true `            /p:VSToolsPath=C:\MSBuild.Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.targets.\tools\VSToolsPath

The stage uses sixeyed/msbuild as the base image for compiling the application, which is an image I maintain on Docker Cloud. That image installs MSBuild, ...

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