Chapter 24. Office Open XML Essentials

In this chapter, you will:

  • Explore how an Office Open XML Format document is structured under the hood

  • Learn how to read Office Open XML

  • Discover how to create a Word document from scratch (without using Word)

  • Learn how to edit Office Open XML markup

  • Identify ways to use Office Open XML to save time and create customized content

In my favorite novel, Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo, the imprisoned Abbe Faria writes a book without access to paper or writing implements. A 19th-century genius resourceful enough to turn MacGyver green with envy, the good Abbe fashions a pen out of a fishbone, ink out of soot and wine, and 12 rolls of parchment from 2 shirts. Not bad for an old man locked away in a dungeon. ...

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