Chapter 1

This Book’s OrganizationRead Me First!


1.1 Real People Can Read This Book

1.2 Prerequisites

1.3 The Organization of This Book

1.3.1 What Are the Essential Chapters?

1.3.2 Where’s the Equivalent of Traditional Test X in This Book?

1.4 Gimme Feedback (Be Polite)

1.5 Acknowledgments

Oh honey I’m searching for love that is true,

But driving through fog is so dang hard to do.

Please paint me a line on the road to your heart,

I’ll rev up my pick up and get a clean start.

1.1 Real People can Read This Book

This book explains how to actually do Bayesian data analysis, by real people (like you), for realistic data (like yours). The book starts at the basics, with notions of probability and programming, then progresses to advanced hierarchical ...

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