Chapter 11

Null Hypothesis Significance Testing


11.1 NHST for the Bias of a Coin

11.1.1 When the Experimenter Intends to Fix N

11.1.2 When the Experimenter Intends to Fix z

11.1.3 Soul Searching

11.1.4 Bayesian Analysis

11.2 Prior Knowledge about the Coin

11.2.1 NHST Analysis

11.2.2 Bayesian Analysis

11.3 Confidence Interval and Highest Density Interval

11.3.1 NHST Confidence Interval

11.3.2 Bayesian HDI

11.4 Multiple Comparisons

11.4.1 NHST Correction for Experimentwise Error

11.4.2 Just One Bayesian Posterior No Matter How You Look at It

11.4.3 How Bayesian Analysis Mitigates False Alarms

11.5 What a Sampling Distribution Is Good For

11.5.1 Planning an Experiment

11.5.2 Exploring Model Predictions (Posterior Predictive Check)

11.6 Exercises ...

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