Chapter 13

Goals, Power, and Sample Size


13.1 The Will to Power

13.1.1 Goals and Obstacles

13.1.2 Power

13.1.3 Sample Size

13.1.4 Other Expressions of Goals

13.2 Sample Size for a Single Coin

13.2.1 When the Goal Is to Exclude a Null Value

13.2.2 When the Goal Is Precision

13.3 Sample Size for Multiple Mints

13.4 Power: Prospective, Retrospective, and Replication

13.4.1 Power Analysis Requires Verisimilitude of Simulated Data

13.5 The Importance of Planning

13.6 R Code

13.6.1 Sample Size for a Single Coin

13.6.2 Power and Sample Size for Multiple Mints

13.7 Exercises

Just how many times must I show her I care,

Until she believes that I’ll always be there?

Well, while she denies that my value’s enough,

I’ll have to rely on the power of ...

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