Chapter 14

Overview of the Generalized Linear Model


14.1 The Generalized Linear Model (GLM)

14.1.1 Predictor and Predicted Variables

14.1.2 Scale Types: Metric, Ordinal, Nominal

14.1.3 Linear Function of a Single Metric Predictor

14.1.4 Additive Combination of Metric Predictors

14.1.5 Nonadditive Interaction of Metric Predictors

14.1.6 Nominal Predictors

14.1.7 Linking Combined Predictors to the Predicted

14.1.8 Probabilistic Prediction

14.1.9 Formal Expression of the GLM

14.1.10 Two or More Nominal Variables Predicting Frequency

14.2 Cases of the GLM

14.3 Exercises

Straight and proportionate, deep in your core

All is orthogonal, ceiling to floor.

But on the outside the vines creep and twist

‘round all the parapets shrouded in mist.

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