Chapter 19

Metric Predicted Variable with Multiple Nominal Predictors


19.1 Bayesian Multifactor ANOVA

19.1.1 Interaction of Nominal Predictors

19.1.2 The Hierarchical Prior

19.1.3 An Example in R and BUGS

19.1.4 Interpreting the Posterior

19.1.5 Noncrossover Interactions, Rescaling, and Homogeneous Variances

19.2 Repeated Measures, a.k.a. Within-Subject Designs

19.2.1 Why Use a Within-Subject Design? And Why Not?

19.3 R Code

19.3.1 Bayesian Two-Factor ANOVA

19.4 Exercises

Sometimes I wonder just how it could be, that

Factors aligned so you’d end up with me.

All of the priors made everyone think, that

Our interaction was destined to shrink.

In this chapter we consider situations with a metric predicted variable and multiple nominal predictor ...

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