Mapping the Bureaucracy to Plan Your Network

The Chinese bureaucracy is massive. It extends far and wide, with layers upon layers of officialdom. Smart companies understand that developing a systematic approach to government and relationship management can make a difference. It involves getting an understanding of who’s doing what inside the government. By understanding what government units, and who within those units, can possibly help you, you’ll have a better chance of getting ahead with your plans for China and may be able to save your company some hassles later on. You may even create new opportunities for your company along the way.

Identifying key government organizations

Getting a handle on what government organizations should be on your radar screen is an important first step in getting your government relations program organized. You need to identify each and every Chinese government organization you’ll likely be involved with. You want to find out the following:

Who regulates the industry and at what level in the central government
How the central ministry relates to the provincial and city level
Which Chinese government think tanks or government agencies may influence your business
Names of other government units involved in the business
Names of other organizations or specific individuals who may have a say in your business
Which government-related organizations from your own country you should work with
Which nongovernmental trade or business groups can help you ...

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