Doing Business in India For Dummies®

Book description

India is booming! This practical, easy-to-understand guide covers all the basics of setting up and growing your business in India, from choosing a location and selecting your Indian team to understanding the legal system, evaluating business partners, and settling disputes. You also get handy tips in financing, marketing, and manufacturing, as well as doing business from abroad.

  • Develop a strong business plan

  • Train and manage your Indian team

  • Cut through bureaucratic red tape

  • Build lucrative relationships

  • Overcome communication challenges

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. Author’s Acknowledgments
  4. Publisher’s Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Conventions Used in This Book
    3. What You’re Not to Read
    4. Foolish Assumptions
    5. How This Book Is Organized
    6. Icons Used in This Book
    7. Where to Go from Here
  6. Brushing Up on India Business Basics
    1. So You Want to Do Business with India
      1. Making the Decision to Come to India
      2. Setting up Shop in India
      3. Keeping Your Indian Business Healthy and Growing
      4. Building Relationships for Success
    2. Understanding Breaks and Brakes in Emergent India
      1. What Makes India an Attractive Place to Do Business
      2. Potential Pitfalls
    3. Making Sense of India: A Business Viewpoint
      1. Getting the Lay of the Land
      2. Understanding India’s Economic History
      3. Classifying the Community
      4. Diversifying India’s Classes
  7. Getting Your Business Up and Running
    1. Putting Together a Business Plan
      1. The Importance of Creating a Business Plan
      2. Creating a Business Plan
      3. Identifying and Avoiding Common Obstacles
      4. Implementing Your Indian Business Plan
    2. Starting Up in India
      1. Understanding the Investment Routes
      2. Choosing a Business Address
      3. Choosing an Entry Route
      4. Putting Your Plan into Action
    3. Doing Business from Abroad: The Long Distance Relationship
      1. Sourcing from India
      2. Comprehending Business Process Outsourcing
      3. Staying in Touch with Your Indian Business Family
      4. Avoiding Potential Pitfalls
    4. Building Your Team India
      1. Valuing Education: It’s the Indian Way!
      2. Finding the Right Indian Employees
      3. Retaining Your Team through Various Compensation
      4. Instilling Loyalty in Your Team
      5. Understanding Staffing Specifics in India
      6. Using Consultants in India
    5. Dealing with the Powers That Be
      1. The Nuts and Bolts of the World’s Largest Democracy
      2. Understanding India’s Legal System
      3. Exploring Industrial Relations
      4. Networking and Navigating the Indian Government
    6. Counting Your Rupees and Paise
      1. Understanding Indian Money
      2. Checking Out India’s Banking Structure
      3. Figuring Out Financing in India
      4. Understanding India’s Tax Structure
      5. Dealing With Audit and Compliance Issues
  8. Going About Your Business in India
    1. Enjoying Your Stay in India
      1. Preparing for Your Visit
      2. Getting Your Feet Wet in India
      3. Settling In for a Longer Stay
      4. Navigating Everyday Life in India
      5. Giving Back to India
    2. Making the Sale
      1. Understanding the Indian Consumer Market
      2. Marketing Your Product in India
      3. Building a Sales Strategy and Distribution Infrastructure
      4. Retailing in India
    3. Establishing a Manufacturing Presence
      1. Checking out India’s Manufacturing Sector
      2. Exploring the Manufacturing Preliminaries
      3. Building Your Manufacturing Presence
      4. Considering the Winners and Losers
    4. Legal Landmines
      1. Contract Conundrums
      2. Labor and Allied Laws
      3. Settling Disputes through Court or Arbitration
      4. Intellectual Property Rights
  9. Ensuring an Indian Success Story
    1. Understanding Indian Culture
      1. Getting a Sense of Indian Collectivism
      2. Showing Emotion in Business
      3. Challenges in Communication
      4. Respecting Cultural Differences
    2. Being on Your Best Behavior: Indian Etiquette
      1. Making a Good First Impression
      2. Conversing with Your Indian Colleagues
      3. A Generous Hand: Gifting in India
      4. Eating: The Indian Way
      5. Religion in Indian Business: Giving the Deities Their Due
      6. Managing Personnel Relations
    3. Avoiding Potholes on the Road to Success
      1. Planning for Common Pitfalls
      2. Dodging Problems with Your Indian Contracts
      3. Making Adjustments when Your Business Plan Goes off Track
      4. Getting Familiar with Indian Idiosyncrasies
      5. Planning an Exit: It’s Hard To Say Goodbye!
  10. The Part of Tens
    1. Ten Tips for Training Your Team India
      1. Using Real Life Anecdotes
      2. Incorporating Interactive Games and Quizzes
      3. Trying Role Play
      4. Presenting a Trainer in the Right Light
      5. Implementing a Useful Demonstration
      6. Giving Your Team Their Turn to Talk
      7. Offering Specific Feedback
      8. Using Interactive Q & A
      9. Establishing Your Expert Position
      10. Following Up on Training
    2. Ten Cultural Tips
      1. Don’t Touch!
      2. Mind Your Language
      3. Be Prepared for a Dry Day or Two
      4. Keep It Official, but Don’t Forget the Personal
      5. Shop Around
      6. Embrace Your Ancestry
      7. Respect and Reward Your Staff
      8. Mind Your Manners
      9. Respect Lifestyle Differences
    3. Ten Tips from Chanakya, the World’s First Management Guru
      1. Strengthen the Seven Pillars of Your Business World
      2. Understand the Importance of Stability
      3. Keep Employees Happy
      4. Make the Right Hiring Choices
      5. Mix the Old and the New
      6. Stay in Contact
      7. Plan Your Travels Carefully
      8. Manage Your Money
      9. Gather Information before Acting
      10. Attack the Competition
    4. Ten Ways to Enjoy Your Downtime in India
      1. Travel to an Indian Temple
      2. Tour a National Park
      3. Visit a Hill Station
      4. Participate in a Major Indian Festival
      5. Get a Taste of Indian Village Life
      6. Take a Ride on the Rails
      7. Shop for Bargains
      8. Unwind at an Ayurvedic or Naturopathy Center
      9. Spend a Day at a Charitable Institution
      10. Study an Indian Art
  11. Doing Business in India For Dummies®
    1. Etiquette Tips
    2. Don’t Be Surprised If Indians . . .
    3. Indian Languages Demystified

Product information

  • Title: Doing Business in India For Dummies®
  • Author(s): Ranjini Manian
  • Release date: September 2007
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470127698