What Makes India an Attractive Place to Do Business

With one of the most promising economies in Asia (and the world!), India is on the minds and lips of many Western business owners and entrepreneurs. You can’t read or watch a piece on international business without discovering an exciting new way in which businesses from a variety of foreign countries are capitalizing on India’s bullish economy. So what’s it about India that’s causing companies and corporations all over the globe to look at it with eager, hopeful eyes?

Taking the time to understand all the positives India has to offer is a useful way to figure out what the country can have in store for you and your business. Check out the following sections for the basic reasons behind doing business in India.

Reduced business-related bureaucracy

India didn’t always have its doors thrown open wide for international businesses. Much of the success enjoyed in the last few decades can be traced to shifts in the ways that India views and treats foreign business interests.

Liberalization to the rescue

Beginning in the early 1990s, India began taking an interest in market-oriented policies. The changes made by the Indian government during that period focused on creating export capabilities and building economic stability. Successive administrations have followed suit and carried on the reform process, regardless of their political affiliations.

Since the early ’90s, these continued liberalization efforts have made for a consistently ...

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