Staying in Touch with Your Indian Business Family

Conducting business with a group of foreign colleagues in an unfamiliar setting when you’re sitting right there with them can be tough, but when you’re oceans and time zones away, the challenges can pile up and confusion can set in. However, with a little forethought, planning, and some understanding of the Indian psyche, you can operate a couple of continents away as effectively as you could if you were just across the hallway.

Keeping the lines of communication open

Communicating with your colleagues in India is a critical way to make certain that everyone is on the same page and to avoid unnecessary problems. The distance can make things tricky, but if you can keep a few communication keys in mind, you’ll have it made.

When working on long-distance project management with an Indian company, spell out important technical details you require in simple English without any local slang. It’s also a good idea to repeat the details often and emphasize how crucial they are to success. It’s worth the extra care to make sure that everyone involved is absolutely clear.

E-mail, phone, and conferencing

As you expect, most communication is taken care of via e-mail. Some companies are, however, encouraging more telephone contact (including video conferencing) to try and personalize things. Quality Web and video conferencing facilities can make communication with your Indian business colleagues a much easier undertaking and help to build more ...

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