Chapter 13. Legal Landmines

In This Chapter

  • Seeing contracts through the eyes of an Indian

  • Getting to know labor laws

  • Resolving disputes in courts or through arbitration

  • Understanding intellectual property issues in India

Historically speaking, India is a peace-loving country. Keep in mind that India has never started a war with anyone. Even when India was invaded, it responded primarily with submission instead of aggression. But don’t assume that Indians are pushovers when it comes to business dealings or that business relations with India are guaranteed to be smooth and go off without a hitch.

With such a massive population, India contains businesspeople of all stripes, from quiet in the south to more aggressive up north. It’s best to understand that problems are as likely to crop up in India and to have a rough idea of the options for dealing with legal issues, including contractual disagreements, court proceedings, arbitration, and intellectual property rights.

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