Collaborating on Projects via Facebook

Expensive groupware, workflow management tools, and other collaboration programs have been around for quite a while. With its open-door policy and privacy concerns, Facebook is certainly no replacement for a dedicated, bulletproof collaboration program like Lotus Domino or Novell Groupwise. But you might find that some of Facebook’s tools are handy—and free—ways to help your team get work done quickly. This chapter gives Facebook’s messaging and subscription tools a decidedly business spin. You’ll see how to use them to keep team members, coworkers, and clients in the loop—and projects on track.

Keeping in Touch

The same Facebook features that let you and your friends “talk” online—messaging, events, groups, and notes—can help you keep up to date with coworkers, clients, and customers.

The features themselves work the same way whether you’re interacting with your old college roommate or your boss. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you’re using these features for work:

  • Professionalism. Email did more to lower professional communication standards than casual Friday ever did. And now that everyone’s finally used to emoticons, here comes Facebook, a site so hip, hot, and happening—and easy to use—that it doesn’t just encourage you to be informal; it practically orders you to. The thing is, you never know who might view your Facebook exploits, even if you’re scrupulous about privacy. So, instead of thinking of Facebook ...

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