Doing Business Safely in China

Book description

Doing Business Safely in China is a complete guide designed to minimize the difficulties involved in setting up business in China while allowing foreign investors to reduce the uncertainties that are inherent in a country so different from their own.
It covers the general geographic and political aspects of this country; its legal system; foreign investment policy; contractual arrangements for distributors and suppliers; the different investment vehicles; mergers and acquisitions; insolvency and bankruptcy; industrial and intellectual property; tax, employment and real estate as well as policies for resolution of disputes and their prevention.
Written by a team of twelve legal experts with extensive experience in advising foreign companies on setting up business in China, this book is Essentials reading for anyone planning to do business safely in this country.

Product information

  • Title: Doing Business Safely in China
  • Author(s): Francisco Soler Garrigues
  • Release date: June 2010
  • Publisher(s): Editorial Almuzara
  • ISBN: 9788483563953