Setting Up POP Mail on Domino Servers

To set up POP mail on a Domino server you have to perform the following steps:

  1. Set up and configure TCP/IP on the Domino server and in the underlying operating system.

  2. Configure the POP3 server.

  3. Run the POP3 server task.

  4. To provide outgoing mail service, set up an SMTP server. You can set up SMTP on the POP3 server, another Domino server, or a non-Domino server.

  5. Register POP mail users in the Domino Directory.

  6. Set up user mail software on user workstations.

The procedure for setting up SMTP on a Domino server is in Chapter 8, "Mail Routing Setup and Maintenance." The other procedures appear in the next sections, at least in part.

Configuring TCP/IP

To set up a Domino server to use TCP/IP, you have to ...

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