Chapter 5. Creating Your Personal Site

Your reasons for creating a personal site may be just that—personal. A personal website is a place for you to write about yourself. It can be a way to tell your visitors about your thoughts, ideas, interests, hobbies, friends, family, pets, or other topics of which you're fond. It may be a way to communicate with friends and family. Your personal site may be a way for you to collaborate with others of like interests. It may be a way to publicize your personal or professional accomplishments.

Whatever your intent may be, your site should be easy to maintain and fun to keep current, and DotNetNuke (DNN) provides the tools to do just that. This chapter is an extensive guide to creating and configuring a personal site using DNN.

This chapter discusses the following topics:

  • The goals and audience for your personal site

  • The basic site settings to get your personal site up and running

  • How to build a site map, complete with the Text/HTML, Links, News Feed (RSS), Blog, and Gallery modules

  • Some of the fundamental module settings to make administering content easy

Planning for Your Personal Site

Planning your site prior to building your content is important for websites of any size. Planning will give your website direction and focus. Well-planned websites are rarely noticed, but poorly planned websites are always noticed, for the wrong reasons. Frustrating navigation, hard to find content, broken links, and sloppy styles are all symptoms of poor planning. Although ...

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