Dear Reader, Thank you for choosing this book, and welcome to DotNetNuke Websites Problem — Design — Solution. You have taken the first step to understanding the many benefits of the DotNetNuke framework and harnessing its power to create truly professional website solutions. The idea of this book was born from the overwhelming need of the many DNN users who require help with creating real-world websites. Because DotNetNuke is in its infancy, very few books have been written to date about using DNN's flexible, powerful framework. Many people are using DNN because of its excellent functions as a Content Management System (CMS), and because it is open source. However, many users don't understand how to utilize the many features and functions of DNN to their fullest. I thought a book like this would be helpful to DNN users who are having difficulty implementing DNN for their website(s) on a day-to-day basis, or for users who are not taking full advantage of DNN's built-in feature set because they lack the necessary experience, or because they are simply not aware of the possibilities.

About four years ago, a colleague introduced me to DNN (thanks Darrell!). At the time, DNN was in its early stages as "IBuy Spy Portal," and I was a Mac guru with a professional design background spanning 17 years. At first glance, IBuy Spy Portal was just another PC application that I had no interest in whatsoever. After all, I was a hardcore Mac user and to me the only good use for a ...

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