2.4. Solution

These four examples use many of the installation options available for DotNetNuke. I recommend that you read through all the examples. You may mix and match the pieces, but you must make sure that you have all the prerequisites, as listed previously, for any given installation.

  • Fast and easy: Windows XP Home, Visual Web Developer, SQL Server 2005 Express, DNN Starter Kit Package, DNN install wizard Auto install option.

  • Most common: Windows XP Professional, IIS, SQL Server 2005 Express, DNN Install Package, DNN install wizard Auto install option.

  • Newest OS: Windows Vista, IIS, SQL Server 2005 Express, DNN Install Package, DNN install wizard Typical install option.

  • Production web server: Windows 2003, IIS, SQL Server 2000, DNN Install package, DNN install wizard Custom install option.

The combination of these examples should give you the information you need to successfully install DotNetNuke.

2.4.1. FAST and EASY on Windows XP Home

This example is unique in that it will be the only example not using IIS. IIS is not available in Windows XP Home Edition. Using the Home Edition of Windows requires the installation of one of the Microsoft development tools that include web server software. When Installing Visual Web Developer or Visual Studio, a file-based web server is installed. This web server is available only while the development software is running. For this example, you will use Visual Web Developer.

There are several advantages of using the Starter Kit:

  • It is the ...

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